Flow 2.0 (beta)

Try it out on testnet

How to use it

1. Setting up your node to receive zero-conf channels from us

2. Using our API to get wrapped invoices

Understanding Flow 2.0

The basics

Voltage can create a just-in-time channel to your node. Paste a Bolt 11 invoice and we'll respond with a wrapped version of that invoice. When this new invoice is paid, a channel will be automatically created to your node and the payment will be forwarded to that channel. This is all noncustodial: we can’t intercept the payment.

The details

When our service receives your invoice, we create a new "wrapped" invoice with the same preimage hash. That means that we can't intercept the payment, because only your node knows the preimage. Additionally, we add the cost of a channel open and routing fees to the amount. Then we return this new invoice to you.

When the invoice we provide is routed to our node, we open a zero-conf channel with your node for an amount larger than the invoice itself, then immediately forward the payment through that channel to you.